Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Still Alive

I am still surviving in Toxian City. I have met many good people. And many that are not so good. I have joined an organization called The Omega Institute. I just joined today. Hopefully it will help me in my endeavors in this strange city.
For your amusement, here is a picture from my days in Caledon. I do miss that city!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

First Words From Toxian City

The last thing I remember was a terrific explosion. When I awakened I found myself lying on an old, stained, smelly mattress. I was on a raised platform surrounded by stagnant, stinking water. A sewer. I was in a sewer. 
Then I noticed something peculiar about my eyes. Everything was tinged with red. I realized I wore a pair of glasses. I took them off. My head was immediately filled with a searing pain. A multitude of voices screamed in my head. I thought it was going to explode. I quickly replaced the glasses. 
I stood up. I was a bit dizzy but otherwise seemed in good shape. I checked my pockets. I had some strange currency in the right front pocket. Quite a bit of the stuff. It totalled a little over 3,000 dollars -- what were called Linden Dollars. Puzzled, I put the money back in my pocket. I had nothing else.
I surveyed my surroundings. Nothing was familiar. I had no idea where I was. Obviously I was in the sewer system below Caledon. Other than that, I knew nothing. I could remember very little of my past. I knew I was some sort of a scientist. I had been working on an important experiment with Dr. Lucias Grendel. Try as I might, that is all I could remember. Trying to remember anything else caused my head to hurt.
I took a deep breath and stepped into the fetid water. I slogged through tunnels, occasionally coming across other raised platforms which housed various forms of habitation, from tents to large packing crates. Some had small camp fires either blazing or extinguished. I stayed clear of these habitations for fear of rousing the ire of their occupants. 
I wandered for hours. Just as I was growing quite tired i came upon a ladder. Eagerly I made my way up the ladder. With great effort I pushed the manhole cover aside and climbed out into the world. The sight that met my eyes caused me to stagger until I backed into a brick wall.
I knew almost every inch of Caledon. This place was most definitely not Caledon. 
As I stood there a very strange catlike creature scurried past, hissing at me as it went by. I looked around. I saw what appeared to be an angel in the distance. I made my way toward the creature. The angel turned to me as I approached.
"Excuse me, good Sir," I said. "But I am quite disoriented. Can you tell me where i am?"
The angel chuckled. "You, Sir, are in Hell on Earth. Otherwise known as Toxian City. I take you you just arrived."
I had never heard of such a place. I nodded. "Yes, just arrived. And quite confused."
He gestured to the south. "Go that way. You will come to a building on your right. You can glean information there. Now, if you ill excuse me, I am on a most delicate mission. I must bid you farewell."
And with that he turned and ran off down the street.
Toxian City, I thought as I headed in the direction he had indicated. What had happened to me?Where was this strange place?
I had to seek answers. And, as I walked, I fervently hoped I would regain some of my memories.